About Us


At Lula's Lash Room we specialise only in semi-permanent eyelash extensions which enhance your lashes dramatically, making a huge difference to your appearance and drawing attention to the eye area. 

The fact that globally we spend over £3 billion pounds on mascara, highlights the importance of eyelashes to our appearance. 

After all they are the windows to the soul !!

These eyelash extensions originated in Japan in the late 90's and add length, thickness and fullness to natural lashes. 

For classic application medical grade adhesive is used to attach a single synthetic, silk or mink lash to a single natural eyelash, eyelash extensions can come in various lengths, shapes, colours and thicknesses dependent on a lady's personal requirements, they can be worn during sleep, showering and swimming.

The classic procedure takes just over an hour to complete a full set of roughly 80 - 120 eyelashes lashes per eye and can last up to 8 weeks dependent on the cycle of hair growth, how well they are applied, adhesive used, periodic in-fills and aftercare program. 

(For information regarding Russian or Authentic Mink Fur techniques please inquire as we also provide those services.) As lash hair grows, it cycles and falls out naturally, thus shedding the extension with it. 

With over nine years experience in eyelash extension application you can rest assured Lula's Lash Room will not let you down as reputation is all important and 90% of the businesses runs on personal referrals. 

Every 2 - 5 weeks an eyelash in-fill is recommended to keep lashes looking healthy and replace any lost lashes.